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Bioremediation Technology Against the Grain

Our technology goes against the current of conventional bioremediation wisdom. For instance, our processes super enhance the natural environment. While others struggle to create artificial environments with cumbersome, expensive, unsightly, noisy equipment, and harsh treatments our proven BioStryke™ ERDENHANCED™ and BioStryke™ TPHENHANCED™ amendments stimulate the natural environment in the subsurface that allows the native bacteria to flourish and destroy contamination quietly, quickly, and inexpensively.

Have You Invested in a Site That Requires Remediation? Are you looking for a rapid return on your investment?

Dry Cleaners. Metal Fabrication Facilities. Machine Shops. Cutting Oil Elimination.

Because of the chemicals used in their respective industries, dry cleaners, metal fabrication facilities, and machine shops present unique remediation challenges. Leaking underground storage tanks present one contamination obstacle while illegal dumping in proximal locations presents another.

Gas Stations. Petrochemical Facilities. Manufacturing Facilities. Brownfields. Residential.

More often than we like to admit, leaking underground and above ground storage tanks are documented at gas stations, petrochemical facilities, manufacturing facilities, and even in residential areas. These leaks impact the soil and groundwater, and often require costly remediation and compliance.

BioStryke™ provides solutions for rapid recovery and minimum impact on your bottom line.

Consider our Innovative Remediation Solutions

BioStryke™ ERDENHANCED™, BioStryke™ TPHENHANCED™, and Hydrolock work to provide unique, cost-effective, and just plain effective, solutions.


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We Have the Proof

biostryke, innovative remediation, bioremediation

Our solutions have been tested and proven in various environments as our selection of case studies attests. In several cases, we measured our solution against a competitive solution—and provided documented superior and quicker compliance.

Become Part of the Solution

biostryke, innovative remediation, bioremediation

If you are an innovative remediation consultant, for a limited time, we are offering pilot study participation at a reduced rate. We want you to become part of our solution. Please look at our requirements, and if you feel you qualify, let us know using our site evaluation form.