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BioStryke™ ERDENHANCED™— What Is It?

BioStryke™ ERDENHANCED™ (Electron Reductive Dechlorination)

BioStryke™ ERDENHANCED™ is a passive-aggressive solution to your chlorinated solvent remediation concerns. Our proprietary formulation of inorganic micro-accelerants and food based additives is proven effective at accelerating the biotransformation of target chlorinated contaminants faster, more cost-effectively, while reducing environmental impact.


What BioStryke™ ERDENHANCED Can Do For You

  • Remediate in a single application—no need to reapply
  • Accelerate Site Compliance
  • Accelerate Redevelopment
  • Maximize Project Dollars
  • Reduce Project Costs, Increase Margins
  • Eliminate Support Appurtenances
  • Eliminate Fugitive Exhaust Emissions
  • Sequester Greenhouse Gases



BioStryke™ ERDENHANCED™ is demonstrated to increase the rate of reductive dechlorination by 2 orders of magnitudes when compared to current industrial standard formulations.
Attain Methanogensis in weeks with a single application.

Reduce ambient air concerns [Vinyl Chloride].

Increase Daughter Production Rates and half-lifes, i.e. destroy them faster.

The solubility of our formulation enhances subsurface distribution and contact of active ingredients with sorbed and dissolved phase contaminants increasing biotransformation efficiencies.

  • Multiple Deployment Methods
  • Achieve Aerobic Rates of biotransformation under anaerobic conditions
  • 95-100% Total [cVOC] Reduction
  • Sequester Greenhouse Gases

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