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BioStryke™ ERDENHANCED™ Innovative In-Situ Bioremediation

Messina Plaza Project Highlights

Contaminant: cVOC (Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compound)
Location: Messina Plaza, Andover, Massachusetts
Industry: Commercial Development
Problem Situation: PCE (perchlorethylene) contamination, more than 770 ug/L
BioStryke™ Solution: BioStryke™ ERDENHANCED™
Results: Single application remediation, no rebound, minimal ambient air contamination
Ultimate Results: Decision to implement a full-scale BioStryke™ ERDENHANCED™ remediation technology based on the pilot study

BioStryke™ ERDENHANCED™  is an innovative in-situ amendment designed to biostimulate existing conditions, and passive-aggressively expedite the destruction of chlorinated volatile organic compounds (cVOC). The Messina Plaza site consists of a strip mall with multiple retail facilities currently operating. The contaminant zone is located within a portion of the mall complex currently undergoing renovation, the footprint being the location of two former dry cleaners.

erd enhanced, innovative in-situ amendment, in-situ bioremediation

The pilot test demonstrated the proprietary blend BioStryke™ ERDENHANCED™ significantly and rapidly increased the rate of PCE transformation. In July 2009 the MADEP allowed full-scale deployment of ERDENHANCED™ via a subslab infiltration gallery, installed within the source areas during site renovation. A sub-slab depressurization system with an impervious vapor barrier was simultaneously installed to protect future occupants from indoor air exposures. Between July 2009 and December 2009, the PCE concentrations 30 feet downgradient from Source Area 1 decreased from 3,800 μg/l to 1,400 μg/l, with no detection (< 25 μg/l) of the daughter products. The PCE concentrations 30 feet from Source Area 2 during this same period decreased from 770 μg/l to <1 μg/l with concentrations of cis-1,2-DCE in the same well decreased from 38 μg/l to 16 μg/l, with all of the other daughter product concentrations being <1 μg/l within 5 months after implementation of the full-scale remedial program.

BioStryke™ ERDENHANCED™ — Significant Savings

Implementation of the BioStryke™ ERDENHANCED™ in-situ bioremediation program resulted in significant savings to the client by minimizing the amount of soil requiring excavation, the level of disruption to adjacent stores, and the need to demolish portions of the building to address impacts under the building through other more intrusive remedial methods. The injection of the proprietary and patent pending additive BioStryke™ ERDENHANCED™ enabled consultant of record to implement a long-term remedial program of Monitored Natural Attenuation which will ultimately result in groundwater cVOC concentrations that meet the indoor air standards of the MCP.