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Where and How BioStryke™ TPHENHANCED™ Can Work for You

Gas Stations. Petrochemical Facilities. Manufacturing Facilities. Residential

More often than we like to admit, leaking underground and above ground storage tanks are documented at gas stations, petrochemical facilities, manufacturing facilities, and even in residential areas. These leaks impact the groundwater and saturated soil (phreatic) zone and often require remediation and compliance.

In such documented cases, BioStryke™ TPHENHANCED™, a proprietary formulation, is designed to provide expedited in-situ remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons.

Unlike other processes, BioStryke™ TPHENHANCED™ works under anaerobic conditions. It actually provides aerobic rates of hydrocarbon degradation under anaerobic conditions.
BioStryke™ TPHENHANCED™ passive-aggressively destroys dissolved phase, sorbed, and residual source mass contaminants, eliminating rebound.

Typically BioStryke™ TPHENHANCED™ requires only one injection round to enhance and stimulate the subsurface conditions and existing microbials for the life of the treatment process.

Because BioStryke™ TPHENHANCED™ can match aerobic rates of degradation in an anaerobic environment, it provides you with unmatched advantages in sustainability, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.