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Put our Innovative Solutions and
"Outside-the-box" Thinking to Work for You


BioStryke’s unique product solutions provide cost-effective remediation for a large range of sites that may be contaminated with hydrocarbons, solvents, and heavy metals.

All of our solutions can be implemented in a variety of ways including  in-situ, ex-situ, on-site, or off-site. They work predictably, quickly, and effectively.
BioStryke’s amendmend solutions work against conventional remediation wisdom. They achieve aerobic rates of biotransformation anaerobically.

For instance, BioStryke™ ERDENHANCED™, our solution for solvent contamination, has been demonstrated to increase the rate of reductive dechlorination by 2 orders of magnitude when compared to current industrial standard formulations.

In documented tests, our innovative, anaerobic treatments have achieved compliance three months ahead of more costly, complicated, and time-consuming aerobic solutions. You calculate the savings.

Similarly, BioStryke™ TPHENHANCED™ cleanly and effectively treats petroleum hydrocarbon contamination.

BioStryke’s solutions are among the greenest in the industry. They don’t need extensive support appurtenances. They don’t produce fugitive exhaust emissions.

Again, let us help you calculate the savings.

HydroLock, a green surfactant technology distributed by Plant Products Co. Ltd. also treats petroleum hydrocarbons. In documented tests HydroLock achieved double the rates of biotransformation of a competitor’s product within three weeks.

If you, or your clients who need bioremediation solutions, are willing to embrace innovative “outside-the-box” thinking that provides bottom line “outside-the-box” profitability, we should talk.